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G.SKILL 16GB 3000MHz RipjawsV CL15 will work with Asus Z370 PRO GAMING?

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  • G.SKILL 16GB 3000MHz RipjawsV CL15 will work with Asus Z370 PRO GAMING?

    Hello GSKILLS forum ! I am new member, thank you for adding me.

    My cpu 8700K will be on stock.

    I want buy this memory:

    G.SKILL 16GB 3000MHz RipjawsV CL15 (2x8GB)

    My motherboard Asus Z370 PRO GAMING.

    I cannot find them on memory compatibility list on my mobo:

    Can somebody confirm if they work fine?

    Last question.
    When i boot first time to Uefi Bios they on default / auto will be 2666mhz or 2133mhz?
    XMP is 3000mhz. But what auto?

    Thank you for help and answer this 2 questions.

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    No problem, they will work fine.

    AUTO boot up will be 2133/2400, then if you enable XMP in BIOS it can run 3000


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      I have an question last time. Somebody from intel forum said:
      "Also, remember that the proper memory RAM configuration for this processor is: DDR4-2666MHz, we advice to use the memory at that speed, 3000MHz might be too high."

      So 3000mhz can be too high or not? But i was thinkinh that this speed or above is recommended for this cpu.


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        It can handle 3866 no problem.

        There is no guarantee above DDR4-2666 is what they mean, anything higher is considered OC

        You have a top CPU so it can handle it as well.


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          When i choose in UEFI first time XMP profile i saved and booted fine to UEFI.
          But after my second booting pc, i met screen:
          This happened just once. Now its booting fine,but i dont know why it booted just once with this message.

          This is screen from internet ,but the same msg:

          So its my XMP not stable or what?


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            Not necessarily, it probably means that automatic memory training failed this one time. During POST the mainboard has to train the advanced (tertiary) timings, since these are platform specific and not part of the XMP. If that fails, you get this message.

            Usually it already helps to slightly raise Vdimm a bit, sometimes VCCSA/IO adjustments are needed. If you know your way around timings and voltages, manually setting properly trained values does the same job.
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              I tried to reproduce this warning but i am not able to do that.
              Reverting to standard and then again to XMP save. Turn off pc. But not warning.
              Any ideas why it happened just once,and still its something wrong?

              Memtest not showing errors.
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                This occured when pc was off some time , 4 hours . And then. I met users using XMP with the same issue , only after pc was off some time like overnight.
                So it not never happen when i turn off pc and immidiately turn on. Only just when pc is off few hours.

                Memtest not showing errors also.

                Really appreciate it for help. This is my new pc.
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