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Issue with G.Skill TridentZ DDR 4 32Gb 3600 Kit & Rampage VI Extreme

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  • Issue with G.Skill TridentZ DDR 4 32Gb 3600 Kit & Rampage VI Extreme

    I'm running the Asus Rampage VI Extreme with an i9 7940X and 32Gb of G.Skill TridentZ RGB DDR4 (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin 3600 (PC4 28800) P/N F4-3600C16Q-32GTZR Memory.

    I've updated the Bios to 1002 as well. The board Posts fine and defaults to a 2133Mhz 1.20V memory setting. With everything else left at default settings I change the Ai Overclock Tuner setting to 'XMP'. The memory specs are detected just fine - 3603 at 16-16-16-36, 1.35V.

    When I save and restart, the Post hangs with the display code on the board reading "Code AF: Detect Memory". I have to clear the CMOS and it Posts just fine back into the Bios with the original default 2133Mhz 1.20V setting.

    I installed all 4 modules as per the instructions in the motherboard manual (DIMM B1, A1, C1, D1 slots). With XMP enabled I manually override the frequency and can't get past 2800Mhz.

    The next step up is 2933Mhz. When I try that frequency the board hangs during POST with "Code AF: Detect Memory". I have to clear the CMOS to get it to boot back to default settings.

    I then tried each module individually installed in the DIMM C1 slot as per the manual. Each module behaved the same way. I could not get past 2800Mhz and each one made the Motherboard hang during POST if set to 2933Mhz or higher. The same POST code also appears - "Code AF: Detect Memory".

    In the past all one would have to do is bump up the DRAM voltage slightly but from everyone that has posted on the ASUS forums they have no issue with this kit running at 1.35V.

    As per recommendations from the ASUS ROG Forums I've played with the Uncore, CPU Reset and CPU Aux2 Voltages with no success. Also adjusted the Receiver DQ Pre-emphasis and Recevier DQS De-emphasis in the DRAM Timing area of the BIOS. Sometimes the board boots fine at 3600 and then it fails again. It seems to happen in random cycles.

    I'm tempted to RMA this kit even though the odds of having all 4 sticks being bad are fairly low. It may be the board that's the issue.

    Is there another setting in the BIOS I should change to make this kit work or could this be a bad kit?

    Note: This Kit is on the ASUS DRAM qualified vendor list as well.

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    That is very strange, where did you buy the RAM?

    Should work with XMP alone, so feel free to try another kit to see if it solves the issue.
    Are you an overclocker? Have screen shots of your OC results? Please post and share your OC experience!

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      Got it at New Egg. I've returned the board as I got fed up with all of the Error Codes during POST.
      I've owned every Rampage Extreme series board and have never had so many problems like I did this time.

      I'll wait for a new board to determine if the memory is at fault.