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G.Skill Trident Z 32GB cold boot problems

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  • G.Skill Trident Z 32GB cold boot problems

    G.Skill Trident Z 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 PC4-3200C18 4000MHz

    At default spd 2133mhz it runs just fine and starts from cold off and restarts just fine.
    However,at anything above that and it will restart fine and bench all the way up to 3200Mhz.
    But as soon as you shut it down completely and try and do a coldboot and it will power on for maybe 3 seconds and then shut off completely.
    Is this where its failing training? is their a way to disable this?
    All I do know for sure is 3200Mhz is 100% prime stable .
    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    What motherboard? Do you have the latest BIOS?

    Some may have a boot up Voltage you can adjust


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      Motherboard Asus X399 ROG Zenith Extreme
      Processor AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X
      Memory (part number) G.Skill Trident Z 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 PC4-3200C18 4000MHz


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        I was hoping with ram this fast to be able to at least run the max supported ram speeds by threadripper which to my understanding is 2667MHz.
        But to fail on boot on anything above 2133MHz seems a waste of money so far
        Maybe your tech guys can suggest some custom settings or ram timing to get around the cold boot issue,once im in windows its rock solid.


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          Test one module at a time to see if a stick performs differently than the other. Each stick should run at a higher frequency without a problem. Let us know how it goes.


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            Not to be rude.why?
            What's the point of doing this?
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              May be a problem with a module since you should not have this issue with the latest BIOS


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                Oh OK.
                How high frequency should I test each stick ,or do you want me to test each stick going up the frequency range till it fails to boot?
                Thanks for the help so far.


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                  I have tested all four sticks individually and found they all react exactly the same.
                  Ill try and word this as carefully as i can.

                  From bios/save and restart every stick starts up just fine from 2133Mhz - 3200Mhz.
                  However only 2133Mhz starts up from a cold boot from completely off.
                  So anything from 2400Mhz - 3200Mhz fails to initialise from a cold boot and is only active for maybe 3 seconds before powering off.

                  As ive said before in my previous post though,something is failing to initialise and kick it in to post,because from bios onwards all those speeds including 3200Mhz is rock solid in windows (prime95/Many hours).


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                    In this thread you refer to a bios update allowing 3200Mhz to be possible.


                    Is this relevent to me also?


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                      I am also trying to get to the bottom of this also on the zenith forums but it seems like others are also facing this issue.



                      the only difference here is he has pressed the retry button and its cycling I think.

                      Are we due to have a newer Bios soon with a more up to date agesa code?


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                        Yes, definitely upcoming BIOS updates will significantly improve compatibility and performance


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                          Any idea on when that is happening ? Because on the Asus forums nobody official is really communicating with us.


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                            asrock needs to introduce a little more dram voltage on boot... I had to use dram voltage of 1.36 and soc at 1.15625 for mine to cold boot...

                            The other issue is the 3200mhz flare x memory, Ryzen specific, performs worse than the 3000mhz z170 ripjawsV kit I have.. Also with the 3000mhz memory I also have to increase the dram voltage and soc voltage for it to cold boot with the asrock professional gaming... I am running bios 3.1 with my x370 professional gaming..

                            Today I'm going to try with the dram voltage at 1.35 and incrementally dropping the soc voltage to try to get it a little lower, maybe 1.15

                            Any help from gskill on settings for this ryzen specific FlareX 3200mhz memory that wont cold boot would be nice..
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                              I'm working on reducing my dram and soc voltage...

                              Yesterday I brought dram voltage down from 1.36 to 1.35 (default for the flareX) and reduced vddcr_soc to 1.150...
                              This booted fine and is very stable..

                              I wish someone could tell me what the default soc voltage is suppose to be, so I could have a minimum value to go by..