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G.Skill Trident Z 32GB cold boot problems

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    default voltage normally is 0.9v-1.2v,setting it to auto and rebooting and going back into bios will show the true default wich normally is 0.9v.
    It will vary a bit with speed if set to auto but mine started at 0.9v at 2133Mhz ram speed.


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      On the conversation of coldboot I've found that if I fully switch of the rig at the mains and leave it for 30 seconds for all the lights to go out and then switch it back on then it does a double boot and then boots straight up at 3200Mhz.
      But from any straight power off and then try and boot back up and its back in a cold boot loop again.
      So something happens when I switch it off at the mains and power it all down,maybe it resets all the ram training.
      GSKILL TECH can you ask your tech guys and see what setting in bios could possibly recreate this please.


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        I've returned the overpriced Flare-x for a refund, turned out to be completely unreliable... just will not cold boot reliably, no matter what soc voltage or dram voltage I use..


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          Through some indirect overclocking and testing with how far I could take it past 3200Mhz,when it eventually failed at roughly 3700Mhz I had the Vram preboot and main ram voltage both at 1.4v.
          with using this higher voltage it tried repeatedly to train and reboot (4-5 times if i remember correctly) until it eventually gave up and and came back with a bios failed boot message.
          This got me thinking about the previous cold boot problems and leaving the voltage at 1.4v on both preboot and main vram I knocked it back down to 3200Mhz and tested.
          with shutting the system down it simply booted straight up with a single press on the power button (normally required two presses with lower voltage and even then it would fail after 3 seconds with the lower voltage 1.35v on ram main voltage)
          So far voltage definitely does seem to be key when it comes to the cold boot problem.
          Hopefully this might help others that are having the cold boot issues with large ram sets and set them on the right track.


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            GSKILL TECH

            What voltage range do I have to play with on these sticks,how high can I go?

            it would be nice to know this as their seems to be too many random answers out their and they all vary alot.


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              High Voltage like 1.40V+ is OK if the system may use it such as when overclocking higher than rated spec. It is a problem if the Voltage is too high but it does not need it, so only increase Voltage if you are scaling up frequency or lowering timings to attempt better settings.
              Are you an overclocker? Have screen shots of your OC results? Please post and share your OC experience!

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                so how high can i go?