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Full Timings for Z77X-D3H

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  • Full Timings for Z77X-D3H

    I have a Gigabyte Z77X-D3H, i5-2500k with F3-2400C11D-8GAB memory. The XMP gives only 2133 mhz and I would like to manually set them to 2400 mhz. What are the full timings to do this and the voltages settings.

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    Do you have the latest BIOS? XMP Profile should be DDR3-2400

    For DDR3-2133, you can use same specs as shown on RAM, but use 2133 instead.


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      Yes, the mb has the latest bios. I do not see in the bios how to set them to 2400, looks like 2133 is best I will be able to do. If that is the case then I should be able to tighten the timings. What settings do you suggest I try at 2133?


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        There are options for DRAM Frequency, timings, and Voltage in BIOS. Those are the values you need to change to see what can work.

        For initial test, you can use the exact specs listed on the RAM, except DRAM Frequency DDR3-2133. See if that is able to work, if not, try DDR3-1866.

        tRFC setting is DRAM Timings page may need to be set to maximum value.


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          I used the XMP settings that loaded for 2133, but they are for 2400 so I am trying 9-11-11-31-2T at 1.65 volts. Does not seem very stable with those settings. Any recommendations?


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            CPU may be limited to DDR3-2133

            You can try boosting VCCIO Voltage to see if it can improve stability


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              [QUOTE=GSKILL TECH;n162055]CPU may be limited to DDR3-2133

              You are probably right about that, I seemed to have had the same problem with the same CPU on a different MB.

              Memory seems to be stable, funny thing is when I put in the settings 9-11-11-31, all the rest of the settings on Auto, it used the SPD numbers exactly for 2133. I have been thinking of trying the setting 1T instead of 2T. Do you think that would be stable?