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F3-2400C10D-16GTX + ASUS Z97 PRO GAMER + i5-4460 @stock

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  • F3-2400C10D-16GTX + ASUS Z97 PRO GAMER + i5-4460 @stock


    Windows 10 Pro
    Intel i5-4460
    MSI RX 480 8 Gb. Gaming X

    I have set 2x8Gb., activated the XMP profile and the computer starts up and runs normally. The problem comes when it comes to playing. Many games, after a while, some at half an hour, others at the hour, but always keeping the interval close and Windows shows the window that the application has been closed and is looking for a solution.
    I've passed the Memtest and the memoirs are error-free. The computer normally turns on, does not freeze, does not display BSOD.
    What's the problem?

    Sorry for my english.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Manually set to a lower frequency like 2133 or 1866 to see if it can work better.
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      Lower the memory frequency to 2933 or 2800? But they're 2,400! Hahaha. Never mind, I got the message.
      The truth is that now I think the problem is not the memories, but the AMD drivers of the graphics card. In the AMD forum there are a lot of people complaining about my same problems, it seems that from the Windows 10 update to Fall Creators Update. It was a coincidence to change my 8 gb. at 1333MHz for 16 Gb. from G SKill to 2400MHz and get the Windows update with AMD driver problems. In order to mitigate the problem I have had to install, by recommendation in that forum, the drivers with date of July.
      It seems that there is no error and the games don't close randomly during the game, but I have to keep on making more tests.
      In a few days I'll tell you how the tests went.

      Sorry for my english (Traductor)

      Thanks in advance.


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        After testing several current games and checking in the AMD forums that I'm not the only one with these problems, I've come to the conclusion that the problems have appeared after upgrading from Windows 10 to Fall Creators Update. After this update, AMD drivers have started to experience these problems in many people, but not only the latest, but several versions behind those drivers continue to give occasional problems especially when playing. On the recommendation of an AMD forum user, the most stable version is 17.7.1, and indeed, this version works perfectly. We will be waiting for both AMD and Microsoft to fix these bugs in the AMD card drivers as soon as possible.

        Therefore, my G. Skill F3-2400C10D-16GTX (2x8gb.) work perfectly at the prescribed speed by activating the XMP profile in my Asus Z97 PRO GAMER along with my Intel i5-4460 @stock.

        Sorry for my english (Traductor)

        Thanks for the help.


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          Mistakes have come back since my last post. This time it wasn't because of the drivers on the graphics card or the Windows 10 updates. It was impossible to use the computer because every few minutes it gave BSOD's. As the errors had just started to appear when placing 2 GSKill modules from 8Gb to 2400MHz I passed the Memtest86 to them. One of the modules made mistakes, but they were never the same. At 1333 MHz they did not give errors, but at 2400 MHz they did.
          The BIOS had 2 profiles, profile #1 at 2400 MHz and profile #2 at 2399 MHz, both with the same latencies, etc. and both profiles gave errors.
          I updated the BIOS from version 2106 that brought the motherboard to the latest firmware version 2203. Profile #1 2400 MHz gave errors but using profile #2 2399MHz the errors in Memtest86 disappeared. I passed the Memtest86 to each module several times and together too. 0 errors. Since then, everything works perfectly without any mistakes. I finally got the memories working with my configuration.

          A summary:

          If you have these components:
          ASUS Z97 PRO GAMER
          Intel i5-4460
          (MSI RX 480 8 Gb. Gaming X and Windows 10)

          Do this:
          1. - Updates the BIOS to version 2203 dated 2016/03/31
          2. - Use the XMP Profile #2 2399MHz

          Sorry for my english (Traductor)