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F3-2133C9D-16GXH + Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 + Intel i7-2600S

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  • F3-2133C9D-16GXH + Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 + Intel i7-2600S

    HI there,

    I I am unable to get the system to boot after enabling XMP Profile 2 and all settings on auto. I have tried numerous configurations with timings and voltages and I still get the same problem. The system will start up, then restart immediately giving an error about unable to boot due to voltages. I haven't even seen a loading screen when set to rated speeds.

    Booting at 1600MHz works fine, but 1866 or 2133 (manual settings and XMP profile 1/2) do not work.

    Is this a motherboard problem, settings problem, RAM problem, or something else?

    There is a similar thread with the headline F3-2133C9D-16GXH + GA-Z68X-UD3-B3 + i7 2600k and the same problem,
    but the settings mentioned there did not work for me. Note, that I am using a i7 2600S, which is supposed to be unoverclockable, but still oc up to 3.4Ghz.

    Any hints on what I should do?

    Thanks in advance and kind regards,

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    Maximize the tRFC memory timing setting in BIOS. You may need to try 1866 first, not sure if that CPU can support 2133.


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      Hi there,
      with a tRFC memory timing setting of 255 with XMP 1 profile and 2133 Mhz works.
      As I understand, this slows the ram extremely, what can I try now, since I now know, that 2133 Mhz work in principal?



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        Higher density ICs need bigger tRFC values compared to lower density parts at a certain frequency. 8GB modules usually require a tRFC of 300+ for DDR3-2400+, while double sided 4GB modules can get away with half of that. If you don't actually need the capacity, a high end 2x2GB kit from way back when can run at DDR3-2133 with a tRFC of only 88 no problem. So pick your poison
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          Since my system is stable now with 2133 Mhz I wanted to ask if I can tinker with / improve any of my settings. They are right now:
          DRAM Voltage 1.6V
          DRAM VRef. 0.75V
          DRAM Termination 0.75V
          CH-A+B Data Vref. 0.75V
          CH-A+B Address VRef 0.75V
          CAS Latency Time 9
          tRCD 11
          tRP 11
          tRAS 31
          tRC 33
          tRRD 4
          tWTR 8
          tWR 10
          tWTP 21
          tWL 8
          tRFC 255
          tRTP 8
          tFAW 20
          Command Rate CMD 2
          IO Latency 2
          Round Trip Latency 39

          Thanks in advance


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            How are your Aida scores looking? You should get around 30K Read/Copy/Write at DDR3-2133.

            Have you tried 1T Command rate? tWL 7/6? Other than that you can maybe get a bit more performance out of the tertiary timings:

            (this is a 2x2GB kit, so ignore the difference on the primary and secondary side)
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