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F3 2400C9D/Q 8/16GTXD z77 SABERTOOTH Halp!

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  • F3 2400C9D/Q 8/16GTXD z77 SABERTOOTH Halp!


    Im reading this forum for few yers now but never posted because I never had problems with G.skill ram. Until now.... Story - I had F3 2400C9Q-16GTXD, z77 SABERTOOTH, i7 3770K. After maybe 30min of bios tweaking i got them to work at 2400mhz (standard xmp 1.3) with cpu oc to 4.5, 1,28vcore. Then i was changing flats i took my PC apart and assemble it in new place....ekhm… I misplaced 2 of 4 ram sticks. I decided to buy 2x4gb set of F3-2400C9D-8GTXD. Didn't even need to tweak BIOS, straight up started working on xmp 1.3 so I was a happy owner of 4x4gb of 2400mhz cl9 ram again. In november i was putting liquid cooling loop in my system and changed bios battery in mobo (old one was old) and did not save in any way my OC profiles.

    Now i can get my ram to work at max 1866mhz all 4 stick, 1866mhz is max at 2 sticks to (any 2 sticks in any slot). Only way higher is 1 stick no matter in witch ram slot with one stick it gets 2400mhz just buy putting it on xmp 1.3 (any stick in any slot). I run out of ideas, i was puting xmp settings manually, up voltages 1.35 vcore, VCCSA 1.2v, DRAM voltage 1.7, PLL overvoltage.

    I know it’s a old platform but is anyone willing to help me

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    So 2 sticks will no longer run at 2400? XMP no longer works?