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F3-2400C11-8GAB (32gb 4 x 8gb) + ASUS Z97A/USB3.1 + Intel i7-4770k

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  • F3-2400C11-8GAB (32gb 4 x 8gb) + ASUS Z97A/USB3.1 + Intel i7-4770k

    Hello i have the above devices in the title, i have enabled xmp in the motherboard BIOS, please bare in mind i am tech savvy but not a rocket scientist so im brand new to this over clocking stuff

    i have set the dram frequency to 2400 however on the start up bios screen it shows all 4 rams running at 1300 mhz.

    I will enclose photos of the CPU-Z tests, please can someone let me know if everything is working fine and my ram will run at 2400mhz or if i need to change anything.

    please note on the spd settings, all the spd slots have identical readings so i have only screen shotted one.

    please any help will be much appreciated

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    What matters is current DRAM frequency:

    1200MHz = DDR3-2400 so all is good
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      Everything look spot on, perfect.