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F3-2133C9-8GXH(X2) + Gigabyte Z97X-UD7TH-CF + Intel i4790k

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  • F3-2133C9-8GXH(X2) + Gigabyte Z97X-UD7TH-CF + Intel i4790k

    I had a perfectly stable system albeit a faulty psu because its fan had started dying and making a lot of noise. That changed recently when i changed my psu to EVGA 1000P2 Platinum, but since then the system has started to freeze after a while of pc usage, it happens during playing games, videos, or even browsing. A quick re boot and the system seems to be ok again then it starts to freeze up again after a while *sigh*. I first thought that its the nvidia driver released in Jan'16, so i reverted with a clean instal to the Dec'15 driver. It has improved but still got intermediate freezing happening.....the next culprit seems to be the RAM, hence im now turning my attention to you guys, please help this newb resolve this issue

    My ram settings from CPUZ are attached below

    Thanks guys.
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    Test one module at a time to see if each works smoothly by itself.

    Do you have each kit installed in the same color slots? It is not a matched kit so this is important.

    Do you have the latest BIOS?
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      I had F5 version of the BIOS and based on your response went ahead and upgraded to the latest F7 bios. Also re installed my zonealarm suite, so now the scenario is this...i have a perfectly wonderful system for the first couple of hours...2-3hrs is what i noticed then suddenly the system starts to hang a bit, then slow downs become so bad that i can barely click on any icon....i had that once and was so frustrated that i did a hard reset...i also noticed the cpu had hit max or very high on my keyboard led display, i tried to open the task manager to check the process but after waiting for some minutes i went ahead with the said hard reset.
      It seems to behave like some sort of memory leak....not sure how else to describe the issue. And sorry i didnt get the chance to test each module thus far.


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        Start a temp hardware monitoring tool right after system start and then check the task manager for the process that's hogging all the CPU time. I would not even be surprised if it was Zonealarm, but just see for yourself. Then uninstall whatever is responsible.

        On another note if you see your CPU throttling at full load, then your cpu cooling might not be adequate or there might be an installation issue with the cooler itself / the TIM application.
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