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Apu a10 7850k +a55m asrock +2x4 snipper 1888 cl9

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  • Apu a10 7850k +a55m asrock +2x4 snipper 1888 cl9

    [B] Hello ... I'm new to the subject of oc, and most of all today is complicating me to the issue of bios amd fm2a55m vg3 + has many bullrings to give oc, and nomas want estabilicar pc as I walk more fluid with the memories running at 1333 MHz, which in 1600 and 1899 .I do not want a c I sailed, I just want the OC for use in minimally 1600 mhz, buy them something. Now the mother I trabo in this part is not, before reaching the multipler and cpu voltage ... I have this option up saying "overlock mode" this car, if I put it in manual appears 100 -136, and nose to and therefore do not want to do anything. Now the question is
    1) cpu frecuenci 37x up to 39x v
    or up to 1,306 vcore 1.3125, default is 1.3000
    2) go cpu frecuenci go nb 9 to 10 = 2000 MHz Frequency, default 1.2750 vcire up to Do you 1,281 or 1,287, I think q come well until aka, only set the Vcore,
    the other issue is simpler than is the memory, ram q q ones would have put the 1600 mhz to q everything right and vcore fence, between 1.55 and 1.62 .. and set the memo Temming test.
    Well the issue is this right ????? I have to activate the overlock mode?
    I clarified again!
    600wtr2 source thermaltake
    Seagate 750GB, 250GB Seagate SATA 2
    7850k a10 apu
    Snipper GSkill 2x4 cl September 1866
    vg3 + asrock fm2a55m mother that's all thanks, hope to continue with this theme !! [/ B]