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F3-2400c11Q-32gzm, Asus CrosshairV Formula Z, AMD 9590 Vishera Black Edition

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  • F3-2400c11Q-32gzm, Asus CrosshairV Formula Z, AMD 9590 Vishera Black Edition

    After ordering this Combo, The MB Manual only shows the F3-19200cL10q-32gBZHD in the QVL. Should I be able to get this going by setting the DRAM Freq,Timing, and Voltage? So far (1 evening in) It shuts down with everything I've tried. It will run if I leave it default to 1600 and I haven't done much other than trying the 2 profiles that are in the Bios that put the freq. at 2401 or 2399.
    Thanks up front

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    In addition to the basic DRAM settings, or enabling the memory profiles, you also have to manually set the CPU-NB Voltage. It is difficult for the CPU to support DDR3-2400, so you have to give it a boost to stabilize.

    You can try the memory profile first, but set it to DDR3-2133 and see if that works fine. That will give you a base point of what works. Let us know how it goes.


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      Just changing the profile to DDR-2133 seems fine. running for 2 hours.


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        Ran all night with no problems. Re-installed windows as the memory crashes corrupted my 1st install. So should I leave it running @2133 or would it be worth trying to get to 2400 (my choice)?


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          Up to you if you want to give it a try. You can save the profile then start new so you have settings to fall back on just in case.


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            Do the reading before buying

            This is an older post but why hasn't Mr. Wigglestick read the Asus Crosshair V Formula QVL on RAM specs? It clearly says it can run the G.Skill 2400 sticks but only 16GB not 24GB's.
            Point is, I see too many people not doing the reading before they even buy whatever hardware they would like. The mainboards are not magical and don't do all the work for you.
            This is one of the reasons I haven't been on the forums for awhile, it gives me a headache.
            I don't know how you tech guys keep your cool, I'd get fired before lunch. My hats off to you folks.


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              I get where you are coming from, but the thing with a QVL is, that it is by no means complete and it is not necessarily showing the absolute limits either. The issue especially with a very capable board like the CVF-Z is, that in most cases you are actually limited by the IMC of your processor - even more so when populating all four memory slots.

              So while some users have to go with a lower memory frequency, i've also seen people run 4x8GB @ 2400 on that board no problem #siliconlottery
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