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F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL voltage

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  • F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL voltage


    I have a "problem" with the voltage on the abovementioned set. The mobo is a Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3, that seems to overvolt the memories a bit. If XMP is used, or the 1,5v value is manualy set in BIOS, the board will slightly increase the voltage to 1,548v.
    This is shown also in the BIOS summary and read by defferent win based programs such as AIDA or Easy Tune 6.

    Had this problem with my previous memory - a Corsair kit - but that one was rated to work up to 1,65v. Latest (non-beta ) BIOS is installed, all versions tend to overvolt a bit.

    I know the Intel specs for the 2500K and P67 chipset specify a maximum DDR3 voltage of 1,55v, so it shouldn't affect the CPU, but I was wondering if it could have any adverse effects on the memory. It is a minor-is +0,048v increase, but i kinda like the product . Awesome sexy looking, and worked excellent out of the box ...

    Am I to worry or not ? Should I manualy set the voltage to 1,480v ( 1,488 "real" voltage) or leave it "as is".

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    No worries, many BIOS's don't feed the exact amount of DRAm as per spec, though they try, with all the sticks available, basically every time a BIOS update comes out, it has numerous changes for DRAM that aren't ever mentioned. And the 1.55 max is typical of Intel and being conservative in their spec listing, a more realistic area would be 1.65+....i.e. keep in mind the CPU is rated for 1333 but easily 2000+ sticks, or go back a few years and the Q6600 was rated for 2.4 GHz on a 1066 FSB, yet there are still many out there chugging along at 3.6GHz on a 1600 or better FSB (I have still have one running at 3.6)

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      @Tradesman > thank you for the answer. I do know the integrated memory controller on the CPU can take 1,55v with no problems (as per Intel max spec) and even 1,65v (I do know quite a lot of peeps that carried over their "old memory" from the 1156 platform when they upgraded, rated for 1,65v).
      I do not want to use 1,65v, as the CPU might get degraded, since with Sandy Bridge, almost everything is integrated in the CPU. Had a Corsair kit rated at 1600 for 1,65v - XMP profile (used them at 1,548v with manual inputs of the specs, and had a lot of instability problems even left @ 1333 Mhz and 1,5v , their lower and default setting). That, plus the good memories I had with GSkill memory from like 2 PC builds ago (still running strong ), combined with the black PCB and red heatsinks, is the reason I went to all the trouble of buying these.

      The old Q series had the DDR2 voltage controller on the chipset and not the CPU itself iirc. ... I am a bit out of touch with the o/c on the newer platforms and I'm getting older , so I require maximum stability and lifespan first, as this build is top notch performance-wise and can take whatever I threw at it so far with flying colors.

      I can live with 1,548v, CPU wise . My question was related to the RAM Dimms, i.e. can they take that voltage without adverse effects. They are rated for 1,50v, so a small 0,048 SHOULD NOT negatively affect them. But ... maybe i see computer components more "delicate" than they realy are

      Nothing I can do about the voltage (it is a Gigabyte BIOS problem after all), except lowering it to 1,488v. Should I bother, or 1,548v is ok for the RAM ? For my peace of mind, I would love a clear YES or NO answer. IS 1,548v ok (will not shorten the life, negatively impact) the F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL kit I have

      As a side note, I love the Ripjaws X . Had a hard time acquiring them, since almost no one carries them in my country (some old leftover stocks of DDR2 are still to be found), so I had to place an order and wait ... and wait ... and wait ... these are the only ones that could be brought here, so far no lower latency modules were available. Maybe on the next build I will go for the Snipers , or get myself some CL7 modules when I go abroad. Their black PCB and awesome sexy red heatsink were the last itesm I needed for my themed build . But I digress ...

      Relevant PC specs: mobo Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3, CPU i5 2500K, Ripjaws X F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL
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        Yes the sticks are perfectly safe at that voltage and up at least to 1.6 per GSkill.

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