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  • F3-2400c10-8gtx

    Hi for all And Happy new year..

    6 years ago, i have made a PC with an Asus MAXIMUS V Formula, I7 -3770K and Trident X F3-2400C10-8GTX.
    This year, i upgrade with an GPU Asus ROG VEGA 64.
    The Memory work with XMP-2400 in the bios without any problem.
    All work fine, I can play in 4K, as i want.
    I would like to upgrade to 16Go. To do that i bought on Amazon the exactly same memory.
    All the number are the same, exept the product date, June 2012 for the first and August 2018 for the second.

    When i start the computer, after 15 min on internet the PC freeze and reboot severall time but can't restart on Windows, always different messages.
    "System Exception not handle","Kmode Exception not handle", "Kernel Sécurity Check Failure"...

    I look in the bios, check the parameters, try several value. The result is the same, the PC dont start on windows and freeze immediatly in the best case.

    I check memory with memstest86+ tools with no problem.

    I put only the new 8Go the PC boot directly and work fine for 3 hours and freeze and reboot with the same error messages.

    I put only the old 8Go the PC boot directly and work fine since 6 days without any problem.

    I think the temperature on the PC made a defect on the memory, because when the PC start at 21 degres, it work fine, but when te temperature arrive to almost 50 deg, the PC crashed.

    I Realy think that the new memory have a problem, but i can't be sure.

    Before return the memory to Amazon, have you another tool to check memory?

    Can't i buy another 8Go and be sure that will work?

    For for your answers


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    Hi Domic

    You can test one module at a time to see if one performs differently than the other. The results can give us a better idea of what may be going on.

    Do you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard?


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      I tried, as you i said, one module at time. The result is same. The PC start for a few hour and crash again.
      I don't have any problem with the old memory.
      Yes the bios of the motherboard is the most recent.
      The memory will return to Amazon on monday.