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DDR3 Single sided and Doubled sided wont run together

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  • DDR3 Single sided and Doubled sided wont run together

    Pc was built new in Jan 2013
    Windows 7 64bit

    Z77X - D3H
    intel core i5 3330ivy bridge 3GHz

    RAM installed is 2 sticks of 4Gx2
    Ripjaws DDR3 1600 CL9-9-9-24 1.50 V

    I needed a little bit more than 8gb of ram so I purchased another GSKILL ram kit of the EXACT same type as the original.
    This i believe would take me from 8 to 16 total gb ram.

    However Installing these extra 2 new modules in the remaining 2 slots caused the pc to not boot to windows.
    The new ram is not faulty as I tried them each on their own and together.

    After many nights of google I discovered that my new RAM is single sided and my old ram is double sided.

    I thought that could be the reason why but then i tried more combinations.

    If i combine 1 module of old ram Double sided and 1 module of new ram Single Sided everything is fine.
    So i thougt mixing them doesnt seem to be a problem. Its when i add a 3rd stick thats when it wont boot to windows.

    My bios version is F16. I have never messed with the bios.

    I have seen in bios that when all 4 sticks are in shows just over 16 GB so its reading them.
    All 4 slots are set to auto.
    I am pretty sure I have never changed anything in the bios before.

    Just cant work out why it wont boot to windows when i add a 3rd or 4th stick.
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    Can you post pictures of BIOS settings and especially memory timings?

    What settings did you attempt? Or was it AUTO default?


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      Hello, thanks for replying. Hope this info will assist.
      Please find attached 2 screenshots when the double sided ram from 2013 is installed.
      Readings for slot 3 are the exact same settings as slot 1 thats why i did not include pic shoing slot 3.
      I have never ever changed anyhing in the bios since 2013 that i am aware of. Im not confident to go in a mess about.
      From what i saw the setting in bios are auto default.
      If you want me to take screen shots of new ram installed instead then let me know but i am pretty sure that they were the same readings.
      Thanks for trying to help me.


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        I would like to see the pages in BIOS as it will provide different detail for RAM specs