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32GB of G.Skill sniper and Z77 Asrock extreme4

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  • 32GB of G.Skill sniper and Z77 Asrock extreme4

    So I had the 16 GB of G.Skill sniper (2x8GB) memory in the Z77 Asrock extreme4 motherboard for 5 years. It was working good no problems.

    I decided to get another set of same memory to increase the size to 32GB. But no luck so far. Motherboard shows all 4 DIMMs in it's hardware browser but refuses to see more than 16 GB. Tried resetting CMOS, adding one DIMM at a time, forcing memory speed to all the available options. Nothing seems to help.

    The two sets appear to be working fine with each-other. Mixing 1 old 1 new DIMM working fine without any problems.

    Is there anything I can do to make this motherboard see all memory?

    Appreciate any help, thanks!

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    It may be a matching problem with the two sets.

    Each set should be installed in the same color slots for best chance, but if problem persists, a 32GB kit may be necessary.


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      Thanks for the reply,
      Wouldn't matching problem manifest itself mixing 1 DIMM from old and new sets? I don't have such problems. System is stable.