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Finding RAM for my pc?

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  • Finding RAM for my pc?

    Before I buy some G.Skill RAM I would like to be sure it will work, and, want to find out the performance gain if any from something like I am using now. Here is my pc, and a some of my Speccy Info.

    I looked it up myself but I am not all that confident that I got it right, here is that link also.
    A few things are different, and in the Finder I did not see the options exactly as I have in my pc. Latency is different for one thing.

    I only have one slot filled with one 4GB Samsung Chip, and this is the first Block of info in my Speccy Chart. I want to go with 8GB Total as in the link above, but want to make sure it will work because I'm on a tight budget. If any more info is needed please just say so.

    Number Of SPD Modules 1
    Slot #1
    Type DDR3
    Size 4096 MBytes
    Manufacturer Samsung
    Max Bandwidth PC3-12800 (800 MHz)
    Part Number M378B5173QH0-CK0
    Serial Number 3512206592
    Week/year 32 / 13
    Timing table
    JEDEC #1
    Frequency 457.1 MHz
    CAS# Latency 6.0
    RAS# To CAS# 6
    RAS# Precharge 6
    tRAS 16
    tRC 22
    Voltage 1.500 V

    Thanks, CB
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    This model may be best
    Are you an overclocker? Have screen shots of your OC results? Please post and share your OC experience!

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      Unfortunately I did not get this message to my inbox, so bought the matching Samsung chip? What should I do to rectify this?

      I don't Overclock, at least with this pc. It is a low powered pc from what I understand, the Power saving type, so the PSU is not all that powerful and don't know if overlcocking will be a good thing.


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        If you already ordered it, try it and see how it works.
        Are you an overclocker? Have screen shots of your OC results? Please post and share your OC experience!

        The new G.Skill Overclocking Section!


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          The important thing is, I'm not getting Notifications to my email Inbox. When I make a little more money, or need new RAM would like to be able to get info from here quickly.


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            If you don't receive notifications on new answers, check if

            > Control Panel
            >> Settings & Options
            >>> Edit Options
            >>>> Default Thread Subscription Mode

            is disabled (do not subscribe/no email notification) and instead set it to instant email notification.
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