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Finding RAM for my pc?

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  • Finding RAM for my pc?

    Before I buy some G.Skill RAM I would like to be sure it will work, and, want to find out the performance gain if any from something like I am using now. Here is my pc, and a some of my Speccy Info.

    I looked it up myself but I am not all that confident that I got it right, here is that link also.
    A few things are different, and in the Finder I did not see the options exactly as I have in my pc. Latency is different for one thing.

    I only have one slot filled with one 4GB Samsung Chip, and this is the first Block of info in my Speccy Chart. I want to go with 8GB Total as in the link above, but want to make sure it will work because I'm on a tight budget. If any more info is needed please just say so.

    Number Of SPD Modules 1
    Slot #1
    Type DDR3
    Size 4096 MBytes
    Manufacturer Samsung
    Max Bandwidth PC3-12800 (800 MHz)
    Part Number M378B5173QH0-CK0
    Serial Number 3512206592
    Week/year 32 / 13
    Timing table
    JEDEC #1
    Frequency 457.1 MHz
    CAS# Latency 6.0
    RAS# To CAS# 6
    RAS# Precharge 6
    tRAS 16
    tRC 22
    Voltage 1.500 V

    Thanks, CB
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    This model may be best


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      Unfortunately I did not get this message to my inbox, so bought the matching Samsung chip? What should I do to rectify this?

      I don't Overclock, at least with this pc. It is a low powered pc from what I understand, the Power saving type, so the PSU is not all that powerful and don't know if overlcocking will be a good thing.


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        If you already ordered it, try it and see how it works.


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          The important thing is, I'm not getting Notifications to my email Inbox. When I make a little more money, or need new RAM would like to be able to get info from here quickly.


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            If you don't receive notifications on new answers, check if

            > Control Panel
            >> Settings & Options
            >>> Edit Options
            >>>> Default Thread Subscription Mode

            is disabled (do not subscribe/no email notification) and instead set it to instant email notification.
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