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    Greetings !

    I'm finishing a global upgrade on an old P7H55D-M PRO, which used until now 4gb of G Skill DDR3 memory (PC3-10700H F3-10666CL7-2GBRH, using standard XMP settings), with an I3 560, under Windows XP 32 bits. Now that I've changed its CPU to a cheap 1st generation I5 680 (and maybe an I7 880 later on) and a new graphic card, I've also bought 4 faster gb (F3-12800CL7-2GBRH, using XMP settings too).

    But, since I'm upgrading it to Windows 7 (or 8, I haven't decided yet) 64 bits, I also wanted to find 4 additionnal GB of G Skill memory in order to help a little more with some heavy duty applications.
    Problem is the chip density of actual DDR3 modules causes troubles on such old motherboards and finding information about compatibility issues isn't easy... I've searched for RAM configurators - G Skill's one doesn't list that motherboard and I wasn't sure selection an H57 one in the list would give approriate results - and would like your advice on this matter :
    1) Which DDR3 references would you advice me to use, either just to complete the 4gb current ones (up to 8gb) or to remplace them completely (in order to avoid compatibility issues) ? Even if they're discontinued, I'll probably be able to find used ones in good condition on internet...
    2) Moreover, as a bonus, which DDR3 modules would be the perfect or optimal pick for this motherboard, even if at a higher price ? I'ld like to ear which DDR3 references could constitute the final version of this rig... Just for the sake of it.

    Lastly, since I'm a complete beginner to RAM subtilities, I've already read quite a few threads and articles, but a few additionnal confirmations or advices would be nice... Just to make sure I don't try to buy or set stuff with isn't useful or interesting at all. I've tried to make a few tweaks, test different settings and learn a little bit, more than really bothering about performances.
    I've already noticed that those two newer sticks won't run on 800/1600 mhz unless I use XMP or manual values for BCLK (160), apparently because the CPU's default values is only 133 and can't, therefore, with its current ratio, claim more than 667/1333 mhz. Am I correct ?
    Because this also means I have to switch off certain CPU functions (SpeedStep Tech, CE1 instructions, C-State, etc.), including the (apparently) quite useful Turbo Boost. Is it really interesting, other than for tests or advanced users really keen at squeezing everything out of a rig, to make use of those settings, improving RAM performances, but giving up on those other functions ? As apparently, if I understood correctly, they are used by the OS to switch off power when uneeded or increasing clock speed on one core when the others are idle...

    Thanks in advance for your comments...
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    All new memory modules will not work, so you would need to find some used or older production date RAM.

    The best new RAM you can use is:



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      All right, and thank you for your answer.

      Yes, that's what someone (elsewhere) already answered me... and I may end up buying that, indeed. But since other types of G Skill modules also work - those I'm currently using, listed above, which indeed weren't new when I bought them -, this is more about testing and trying to understand which old discontinued double-sided IC models should work, with which kind of settings, differences and performances. Anything I'll learn this way will benefit to other (newer) configurations as well...
      For example, I noticed that Asus's QVL for the P7H55D-M Pro lists RAM models up to incredible speeds, including a DDR3 2133 mhz, by Geil (GE34GB2133C9DC), and several Kingston DDR3 1800 or 2000 modules. Crucial's RAM selector also lists such PC3-17000 /DDR3 2133 sticks... Are they mistaken somewhere ?
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        What CPU do you have? H55 is usually very limited, P55 is necessary for OC.

        ASUS QVL is old, RAM is much different today and you will not be able to find the same type today. If you want to try higher frequency, you can consider 8GB modules.