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  • Overclock beyond xmp questions

    hi all, I tell you that I own of 2400mhz ram (F3-2400C11D-16GSR) and i put this at 2800mhz , timmings at 13-15-15-33-2 at the same voltage (1.65v), an this seem to works fine, no crashing , but im worried about temps so i back to default config...
    someone has tried to go beyond of the OC of XMP?
    In this configuration, how much can temperatures rise?
    please leave your experience about it. thanks all regards

    my cpu is i7 4790k
    mother asus z97a usb 3.1
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    I overclocked other Hynix based G.SKILL kits up to DDR3-3400 and memory temperatures were not really an issue, with just a bit of airflow from the CPU cooler.

    However you should keep an eye on voltages for system agent and IO (VCCSA, VCCIO), because many boards tend to overshoot these by a lot to maximise the chance of a successful overclock. As far as timings go, you can also try to lower the primary timings a bit (to 12-15-14 maybe) and compare your performance gains vs the XMP. If you see worse memory performance than at DDR3-2400/2600, you need to manually adjust the tertiary timings.
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      i had vccsa in auto. is this a bad idea?
      On the other hand, i dont see vccio in bios settings. what could this be?