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  • infinite boot loop


    Since I assembled my pc last year in April, I have experienced some infinite boot loop on it. My pc just shuts down and restarts for 3 to 5 seconds then shuts down again.
    Since last year in April, this loop occurs 3 or 4 times and the only solution I have found to start correctly my pc is to switch the place of my RAM. The first time, my RAM were on the 2nd and 4th location and I switched them to the 1st and 3rd location. The second time when I had that infinite boot loop, I switched them back. This solution is not very convenient.
    Now, I want to add some more RAM but before I want to make sure that those RAM are not broken and maybe use the warranty.

    This is my actual RAM:
    and my motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming 5.
    If you need additional information, feel free to ask me.


    Edit: here's my full spec

    Hope you can see it...
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    a quick up to the post, if someone can tell me the link for my spec is working


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      Do you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard?

      Test one module at a time to see if one performs differently than others.

      If you feel a module is defective, send them in for RMA exchange:


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        So this problem occurred yesterday and since I have some free time next week, I want to know how I can test one module. Do I need to run some specific software or just start my pc with one module?
        Also, this time, switching the place of my RAM doesn't work. Usually, by switching the place, my pc works perfectly for few months (since my last post on November until now so 3 months without problem). But this time, the problem occurred few minutes later.



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          You can run memory diagnostics test, stress test, or just boot up. Some times if a bad module is isolated by itself the problem will be more obvious. If not, then you can run memory test or search "mem" in Windows and use the Win test. For stress test, there is SuperPi, Prime95, and others that can put the system under load to force any instability.