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abit ip35pro and F2-8000CL5D-4GBPI HELP!

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  • abit ip35pro and F2-8000CL5D-4GBPI HELP!

    system consists of
    abit ip35pro motherboard latest bios
    8800gtx latest drivers
    q6600 stock
    some hard drives etc..
    vista ultimate sp1 x64

    anyway..i originally had 2x1gb kit of gskill ddr2 800 4-4-3-5 timings
    runs great no issues at all..but..i wanted to upgrade to 4gbs..since these sticks are discontinued i opted for a whole new 2x2gb kit..which is where the problem starts.

    they run how they should..voltage is set correctly..its on 2t 5-5-5-15-45 2.1v-2.2v

    now i ran memtest for almost 10hrs problems..i ran orthos memory test for an hour no errors or issues..
    however gaming i constantly get "display driver stopped responding and has recovered"
    now of course this seems to be a display problem..but its clearly not..
    i have ran multiple gpu benchmarks and stressed it as far as i can with the original 2x1gb kit at specified timings/voltage and no issues at all..
    as soon as i install the 4gb kit..the crashes begin..

    any advice? or send em back cause they are faulty? they are almost a month old have never been overclocked or anything..ive tried different voltages up to 2.2v ive tried lowering the clocks down to ddr2 800 but nothing worked..

    so i need help to either figure out how to make them work properly.

    also im sort of confused why the bandwidth is smaller on the pc8000 2x2gb vs the pc6400 2x1gb kit..when running at correct timings and clocks..?