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Computer Crashes.

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  • Computer Crashes.

    Hi. I have an Evga 750i FTW motherboard, running with an intel Q9450 2.66 ghz processor. I am using the G.Skill DDR2 1066 2 x 2gig sticks purchased here My computer will load and boot perfectly fine (running windows vista ultimate 64 bit), but after 30-60 minutes it will crash. By crash I mean it will turn off. No warning, error, or blue screen of death, it will just instantly power off. If the computer goes under a heavier load, intense gaming or stress testing, it will crash. I have tried chaning the slots, using only one stick of ram at a time and putting it in different slots, alternated betweent he two. All to no avail. Using a live cd of Ubuntu i used the memory test optioin, which is a version of prime95 to test the ram. I will get to the 3rd test and then it will crash, about a minute and 30 seconds in. I have lowered the timmings from the 1066 all the way to 800 and the same issue arises every time. Please help me.

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    if this problem happens even on DDR2 800, it might not relate to memory.
    please run this program


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      Thank, but I found the issue. My Q9450 was overheating, the stock cooler that came with it is no where near powerful enough. I was hitting 110 c and then crashing. For now i just disabled 2 cores and that has made my system stable until i can buy a new cooler. Thanks for your help though.


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        thanks for the update