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What's F2-8500CL5D-4GBPQ DDR2 1066 safe voltage?

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    Disable CPU Feature +250mv 2.290v 444x9 5 6 6 18 droop disable 3 3 1 norma normal more relax more relax more relax


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      T2 Dispatchisable for RAM overclock stable Flex Memory Mode:Auto for dual channel,CPU 416x9 for RAM DDR2 999

      CPU Feature

      Thermal Management Control:Enable
      PPM(EIST) Mode:Enable
      Limit CPUID MaxValisable
      C1E Function:Auto
      Execute Disable Bit:Enable
      Virtualization Technology:Enable
      Core Multi-Processing:Enable

      Voltage Setting

      CPU VID Special Add:+100mv
      DRAM Voltage Control:2.100V
      SB Core/CPU PLL Voltage:1.55V
      NB Core Voltage:1.27V
      CPU VTT Voltage:1.24V
      Vcore Droop Control:Enable
      Clockgen Voltage Control:3.45V
      CPU GTL 0/2 REF Volt:0.67X
      CPU GTL 1/3 REF Volt:0.67X
      North Bridge GTL REF Volt:0.67X
      FSB Vref:Auto

      Genie BIOS Setting

      CPU Clock Amplitude:800mv
      CPU CLock Ratio:9x
      CPU Clock:416 MHz
      Target CPU Clock:3744 MHz
      DRAM Speed:Auto
      Target DRAM SpeedDR2 999

      DRAM Timing

      Enhance Data Transmitting:Fast
      Enhance Addressing:Fast
      T2 Dispatchisable
      Flex Memory Mode:Auto
      CAS Latency Time (tCL):5
      RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD):5
      RAS# Precharge (tRP):5
      Precharge Delay (tRAS):15
      All Precharge to ACT:5
      REF to ACT Delay (tRFC):55
      Performance LVL(Read delay):Auto
      Read delay phase adjust:Auto
      Write to PRE Delay(tWR):Auto
      Rank Write to Read(tWRT):Auto
      ACT to ACT Delay(tRRD):Auto
      Read To Write delay(tRDWR):Auto
      Ranks Write to Write(tWRWR):Auto
      Ranks Write To Read(tWRRD):Auto
      Read CAS# Precharge(tRTP):Auto
      All PRE to Refresh:10

      Clock Setting Fin Delay

      DLL and RCOMP Settings:By Menu
      CH1 DRAM Default Skew:Model 0
      CH1 DRAM Default Skew:Model 0
      RCOMP Setting:Model 0
      Ch1 Clock Crossing Setting:Nominal
      Ch2 Clock Crossing Setting:Nominal
      Ch1Ch2 CommonClock Setting:Nominal
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