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F2-8500cl5d-4gbpk.. wheres the answers?

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  • F2-8500cl5d-4gbpk.. wheres the answers?

    I just upgraded my entire system... got a biostar Ta790gx a2+ mb with a phenom quad core 9850(2.5ghz)... at first, on vista, it only recognized 3.25 gigs of the ram... evidently installing service pack 1 lets all 4 gigs work, unlike what one of the techs told someone in another thread about ALL 32 bit windows not showing more than 3gigs.. anyways, it is NOT running at full speed. It is shown below.

    Maybe the fault somehow lays with my motherboards bios, I am about to try to flash it with the most recent version, though I suspect it is new enough that there isn't a newer version.. I looked thru the settings in bios, and the only way you can change the rams timings is to set everything to manual... including the processor timings. Which is fine, if I can get some direction.

    I do however have a bone to pick... these forums have 65 registered users, and beyond that the techs haven't exactly given any answers that I can see. Definitely nothing so far that I could use for MY problem.. and the main website has almost NO documentation. I have already posted negative reviews on newegg, but I would REALLY like to see some customer service here. This product was just voted customer choice... and until it works, I don't think it deserves it.

    Here is what it is showing in cpu-z for memory:

    For processor:

    Motherboard info:

    and by spd:

    Also wondering why it thinks it is a 2gbpk in the Spd one?

    There should be PLENTY of info here for you to troubleshoot the problem with me... you get paid, and I am frustrated because I can see that there has been little effort so far. I have the weekend to get this fixed before I send it back... tell me how I can get this to run at full speed????

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    sorry... that speed was after playing with settings... it wasn't running stable.. I would power on computer and nothing would happen... went back to default, and none of that problems, but the speed is:

    I would REALLY like to think that you guys would know how I can fix this. Just tell me each and every setting I need to change. I do NOT want to just trial and error and burn up the expensive hardware I just got in the process.


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      over 3 days and I haven't seen any admin post.. do they want our business?


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        sorry for the late reply....but weekends is not our business day afterall...

        even you are using 32 bit Vista SP1 and it shows total 4GB, but in task manager you can see what is available to you is still 3.xxGB ram
        and to run with DDR2 1066, you'll need to add the memory voltage to 2.1v and set the timings to 5-5-5-15 2T manually
        the default SPD is surely only DDR2 800, 'coz the JEDEC standard is only upto DDR2 800
        so, don't worried about that



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          Theres more settings than just the cls,trcd,trp tras and cr... what about the trc, what should THAT be? Mine is at 32 clk.. but obviously, it could be different. Plus... you just assumed I knew which number went to which setting, when someone asks you questions, you should be thorough! Tell us ALL the settings, not just a few, and which should be which!

          cls,trcd,trp=5 and tras=15 and cr=2t makes ALOT more sense then saying "set the timings to 5-5-5-15 2T"

          I mean there is something about this memory my computer STILL doesn't like.. and you gave me as LITTLE information as possible. I posted a very negative review on newegg, and it is BECAUSE of you.. I think I will have to be making a phone call, and find out if you people even speak ENGLISH.. because SOMETHING here is a joke, the communication is aweful, and the service SUCKS.


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            Just off the phone with you, sorry about this problem.
            I will forward your message to our technicians and improve our service.

            Back to your computer issue, it looks like motherboard bios issue. because USA lab doesn't have this motherboard, I am not able to test for you. We will ask Taiwan lap to test it if they have it. IF they don't, we will ask Biostar to test it for us or borrow one from Biostar.



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              So I went to the OCZ forum and pretended I had one of there comparable products and got support right away with the info I needed.....The memory now works flawlessly @ 1066. I had to change the tRFC to 54 and increase the chipset voltage slightly...The rest of the timings I just left alone. I was having the same problem you were, although different models of biostar motherboards it sounds like we have the same bios. Hope this helps.. I to was very frustrated with the lack of support here @ GSkill.