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Proper Settings For F2 8500 CL5 with Asus Commando

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  • Proper Settings For F2 8500 CL5 with Asus Commando

    This ram works great if you take the time to set up your motherboard properly.

    Asus Commando
    Intel E8400 CPU
    F2 8500 CL5 Ram 2 x 1GB
    Leadtek 8500GT video card
    Enermax 800watt Liberty
    Coolermaster Stacker case
    Main hard drive 74 GB Raptor
    Data drives: WD 640GB, WD 500GB, WD 320 GB

    Since this board allows different CPU multiplier settings I set this to 6, the lowest setting.

    Then adjusted the FSB until the BIOS settings for ram showed 1065.

    CPU 533.1 X 6 = 3198.6
    FSB 2132.4

    Running the ram at 5 5 5 15.

    Everything else is set to auto.

    This motherboard does not like all 4 ram slots filled and works best in dual channel mode.

    Hope this helps some of you to set up your systems properly.

    Stay tuned as I plan on buying a P5Q and using the same CPU and 4GB of this ram for a backup system.