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Why is a strap of 125 required for DDR4 2800?

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  • Why is a strap of 125 required for DDR4 2800?

    I am curious as I try to understand the relationship between BCLK and Strap settings in the UEFI BIOS for the Asus X99 Deluxe -- in order to get full 2800 MHz out of the Ripjaws that I am using (8x4GB), it required using a CPU strap of 125 and BCLK defaults to 127.4

    WHY is it necessary to use the 125 strap instead of 100 when using 2800 MHz DIMMs? (I realize that a smaller multiplier must be used with the higher strap).

    Thus -- is there any real difference between a 125 strap and 127.4 BCLK with 34 multiplier than a 100 strap/100 BCLK with a 43 multiplier?

    From reading numerous postings on OC'ing the X99 in various forums, it seems like there is a general tendency to want a 100 strap -- what difference does it make if my G.Skill 2800 requires a 125 strap and BCLK of 127.4?

    Count me confused? (I am running a rock solid 4.3 GHz using the 125 strap and 127.4 BCLK) [FWIW, my goal is reasonable OC'ing but stability and long life have priority and not trying to set any records]

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    The straps were required for to achieve higher memory clocks because of the available and functioning memory ratios. However since the release of the X99 models the MB manufacturers have worked on that and ASUS made quite a bit of progress with working DDR4-2800 and DDR4-3000 at the standard strap of 1.00 on some of their models. So the first thing i would check is, if your BIOS is up to date.

    The memory itself does not require a certain strap, it is the mainboard that choses what strap is needed for that memory clock.
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