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How to get RipJaws 2800 to run at full frequency on X99

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  • How to get RipJaws 2800 to run at full frequency on X99

    As I recall with my aging sieve-like memory, Intel has not fully updated their CPU f/w for the Intel i7-59xx to use DIMMs that have a higher frequency than 2400 or perhaps 2600 which is higher than the OEM resident 2133 spec'd for the X99 chipset.

    Since I have not built a computer for over 6 years, I am a bit rusty and behind in the technology (and don't miss ribbon cables at all ;-)

    For those that have an Asus X99 Deluxe motherboard -- what settings are you using in the UEFI to get your RipJaws F4-2800C16Q-16GRK to run at full 2800 MHz frequency??? (I assume you are using the 1.2 volts at which they are rated) OR are some fairly extreme OC'ing measures being taken if Intel is not supporting that high a frequency?)

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    I replied to your other thread. Let's continue there.
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