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I7 Extreme 3970X lowering clock

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  • I7 Extreme 3970X lowering clock

    Hi All,

    My current config is :

    - Core I7 Extreme Edition 3970X running at 4.94 Ghz OC
    - H100i Corsair
    - 64 Gb Rip.Jaws G.Skill 2400 Mhz OC
    - HD7990
    - Asus P9X79 Deluxe (updated with last bios version available in Asus website)
    - Thermaltake 1.375 w
    - Cosmos 2

    To achieve the clock 4.94 Ghz, I just run the software Turbo Evo in Extreme mode and after a boot/reboot sequencies, the system reaches 4.94 Ghz. By myself, I didnt any adjustment in Bios. All settings was made by the software.

    When I run P95 or another software in order to stress the CPU (full load) I see the clocks lowering. The OC 4.94 Ghz back again only if I stop the P95.

    This means that my 4.94 Ghz OC is not "rock solid" enough.

    To achieve this 4.94 Ghz speed, my Vcore was automaticaly adjust by Turbo Evo to 1.456 v. I know that voltage is not advised to use.

    The temps in RealTempGT (six cores) with OC at 4,94 Ghz is :

    - IDLE : about 48 ~ 50 degress after 1 hour power on
    - LOAD : running P95 in Small FFT mode about 65 ~ 72 degress

    So, the question is : how to maintain a "rock solid" OC at 4.94 Ghz (or maybe 4.5 Ghz ) in order the clock not lowering at the stress use ?


    Bruno Sena
    From Brazil

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    Disable power saving features, speed step, and those kind of options so the computer can run max speed and power.

    Thank you
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      I already did this many times ... but unsucessfull until now.

      Im really confused with this situation ...

      I did countless adjustments in "manual mode" but nothing works in order to stabilish
      "rock solid" OC ...

      Thanks in Advance anyway !


      Bruno Sena
      From Brazil


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        Make sure you have sufficient cooling for your VRMs.


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          Have you manually raised the power limits?
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