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My system does not show actual memory speed

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  • My system does not show actual memory speed


    kindly, i need some help here..

    i have build (for the first time) a Gaming PC, with i7 8th Gen., & G-skill Tridentz 32GB (2x16), speed of 3600MHz.
    my Motherboard is Asus Prime Z370-a

    i installed Win 10 Pro 64 bit.
    the system run smoothly with no issue. but i realized that my memory speed is less than it's normal speed.

    I went to the Bios. It shows memory speed only 2133MHz (instead of 3600MHz).i start thinking that the supplier might sold me different memory speed?

    I tried to OC by changing the following settings in Bios:
    - I enabled the XMP
    - Set to Profile 1
    - Change memory frequently from 2133MHz to 3600MHz
    - Save & Reboot

    What happen is, the system once booted, it take me to safe POST Boot..asking to press F1 to boot into Bios to load the default arrangement.

    why is this happening? why i cannot OC my memory? is there a way to success in doing OC adjustment without boot failler to the system?

    please if anyone familiar with such things to help me sort all those things.

    Thank you for your time


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    Enabling the XMP should already set the correct memory frequency. So you would not have to manually change it in addition to that. If your board fails to POST with XMP enabled the memory frequency might be too high for your setup. With the XMP enabled, manually lower the memory ratio to DDR4-3466/3400/3333 until your system can succesfully POST and is fully stable.
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