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Asus z97 pro gamer + f3-1866c9d-16gxm

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  • Asus z97 pro gamer + f3-1866c9d-16gxm

    Maybe someone can give a hand here. I think that the memory is limiting my CPU overclock (4690k). Here it goes

    Load XMP
    CPU 45x, 1.230v
    Cache 39x, Auto (arround 1v)

    VCCSA reads 0.824 and VCCIO reads 1.008

    The computer is stable, will do ASUS RB with 16GB for all 8h straight.

    Load XMP
    CPU 46x, 1.270v
    Cache 35x, 1.15v (will read 1.17v)
    VCCIN +1.8v
    Memory 1.55v

    The pc will blue screen (0x0000009c) within minutes of ASUS RB

    If I mess with VCSSA (+.250/.300) and VCCIO-A + VCCIO-D (+0.100~.250) the pc will blue screen (x111) arround the 2nd hour of ASUS RB.

    With my old Gskill set of 4x2gb 1600mhz I never had problem in keeping the 4.6 stable.

    Any ideas?
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    Do you have the latest BIOS? Try one module at a time to see if one performs differently than others.


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      I'm with the latest BIOS. During the weekend I will try to test the modules individually. Today I'll drop the mem speed to 1600 and test.

      Under normal operation for 2x8 1866 ,whats the VCCSA/VCCIO recommended for a 4690k on a Z97?



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        It can vary with each CPU, but it should not require more than 1.25V


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          Can you please advise. Whats the recommended timings for the f3-1866c9d-16gxm under 1600? 9-9-9-24@1.5v?

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            Nvm, tried everything. With this kit, the 4.6ghz is out of reach.

            They can keep with with the CPU at 4.5GHZ with VCCSA 0.824/VCCIO 1.008. When I push to 4.6, they need VCCSA 1.128/VCCIO 1.224 just to stop the BSOD/0x0000009c.

            Even if i try XMP 1600 with the default timings, the system will BSOD/0x0000009c.
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              For 4.6 with 4x2gb 1600, vcore 1.265v and VCCIN of 1.760 will do. With 2x8 1866 need vcore +1.290v and VCCIN of 1.8v and still have x101 BSOD

              Please advise is everything looks good

              image url upload

              Ran out of ideas. Will work flawless with 4.5Ghz, just need to set the xmp and 1.230v. For 4.6 (did it stable in the past with 1.265-1.270), already tried.

              Vcore voltages around 1.29, ring 1.2, vcssa/vccio 1.2, loose timings, ram at 1600, vccin 1.9, max lcc, bla bla.
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