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How to set up sdram

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  • How to set up sdram

    OK, I have it built and need some help. I have an Asus a88x motherboard, an amd 7850K APU and 16 GB (2X8)G skill 2133 Sniper SDRAM. My problem is it is running at the default 1333 speed. I have tried changing to 2133 in the bios but get an error message that the overclocking failed. Being stupid about this type of stuff and wary of screwing my new computer, I am afraid I am not doing something right or not changing everything I need to change to get the most out of my new SDRAM. Anyone able to walk me thru it. I read the book and either do not understand it or I am missing something. Help!

    UPDATE! Watched an onlin how to on another Asus board and thought I saw something about this that matched my board. While the letters didn't match, it worked just fine on mine using what I had. Clicked the menu and selected 1 and wallah, it changed to the correct frequency and codes automatically. Ain't this modern technology just great. Thanks for the reply though.
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    On an Intel MB you would just have to enable the XMP. With that memory ratio, timings and voltages get configures according to the memory specifications. However since AMD motherboards don't natively support Intel Extreme Memory Profiles, they have a workaround implemented for that. It is called D.O.C.P on ASUS models. See:
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      on the motherboard set in the bios the memory to auto and manually change the top 5 to match your rams specs timing, change the NB setting to 2400. timings that work for me on a a55 which is just a Bolton d2 vs d4 are 10 11 10 31 52 1T if you know about timings you should be fine.