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Does RAM 'slow down' with age?

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  • Does RAM 'slow down' with age?

    I have a pair of matched 8GB 9-9-9-24-1866 sticks. I OCed them for a few years at 2133 using 11-11-11-28. I'd also OCed the Vishera 8350 to 4400MHz. Temps were never bad; worst I saw was maybe 65C on the CPU, maybe 58 on the mainboard. Typically, building GCC or Linux with '-j 8', the worst I'd see was 59C or so on the CPU. I was satisfied with the system. It would take about 90 minutes to build Smoothwall Express.

    I recently started having trouble with the system. After resetting CPU and RAM to native settings, the system has been stable. Alas, the Smoothwall build takes about 120 minutes now.

    Thus my generic query: does RAM have a tendency to age, to'slow down' over time? Might I need to use 12-12-12-29 or 13-13-13-30 timings for the RAM? Or is it more likely the 'whole' system is 'aging out' and preventing my mild OC from working?


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    Could be the memory, but also be the CPU memory controller or the board. Can you test the sticks in another system?

    In general you will seldom notice any big time degradation during a kits lifetime. At least none of my high end G.SKILL kits that i regularly overclock show signs of it yet. However there probably is some aging with certain components on the modules and in general higher temperatures do accelerate the process.
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