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Flare x 3200mhz @ 3814mhz!!!! F4-3200C14D-16GFX

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  • Flare x 3200mhz @ 3814mhz!!!! F4-3200C14D-16GFX

    Hey guys, Thought i would share my results with you all.

    I set out on a quest to become the first person to reach 3800mhz on the ryzen platform as i have not yet seen it done. I first tried with my G skill Ripjaws V 3400, but was unsuccesful and my best overclock was 3466mhz....

    So i sold that set and bought myself some Flare x 3200 8gbx2, I can now succesfully boot this ram @ 3600 13 13 13 13 34 52 timings respectively.

    Specifications as follows
    Asus ROG STRIX X370-f mobo 1001 bios version
    MSI GTX 1080
    Ryzen R5 1600 CPU
    Flare x 3200mhz

    But the real deal breaker here, could i crack 3800mhz on the Ryzen platform? I set about making modifications to my cooling system, positioned my PC in a air conditioned room and set to work creeping up the mhz on the RAM. The result? 3814mhz @ 1.63v the pictures tell the rest of the story!

    Thanks for reading!
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    Excellent!!!! Keep pushing.


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      Gratz, flarexmaster! Good to see people getting beyond 3600 mhz ddr4 on ryzen. Tempts me to buy a flare x kit myself!
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      AMD Ryzen 5 1600X @ 3.99 Ghz 1.38V
      ASRock x370 Taichi v2.0 BIOS
      16GB TridentZ RGB DDR4 3200 @14-14-14-34-75 TRC-312 TRFC - 1T
      EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 FTW
      EVGA G2 750W
      Samsung 960 Evo 250GB, 2x Intel 530 120GB, 1x Seagate 1TB

      Intel s1155 2600K proc
      ASUS Maximus 4 extreme motherboard
      4x2GB GSkillF3-17000CL9D-4GBXL @ 2133 9-11-9-28-2T
      ASUS Geforce GTX 580 DCII @ 900/1800/4008/1.1V
      SeaSonic X-760 PSU
      G.Skill phoenix 120GB SSD


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        So you achieved a stable platform with that RAM @ 3400 & 3600 ?? Sweet.

        I am running with the 1800X and an ASRock X370 Fatality Pro Gaming motherboard with the latest BIOS.

        I know your running the Asus mobo, however, it should be just fine with this one. Could you please post the link to where you bought your memory from?

        I have had this system for 1 year now waiting for the memory & BIOS updates to support at least 3200 and I think now is the time to jump in and purchase memory.

        Thank You

        ARS N9NU
        On-Line Gamer ID: Reactor-Critical™
        Discord PC Gaming Server:
        Mageia Linux Cauldron 64 - FreeNAS 10 64 - Win 10 Pro 64 Bit | ASRock X370 Pro Gaming Fatality Mobo | GSkill Ripjaw 16GB DDR4-3200 D/C | AMD Ryzen 1800X (Hydro H110i GT) | Nvidia Titan X Pascal | Samsung 990 Pro M.2 1TB SSD x 2 | Samsung 960 EVO 500TB VNAND SSD x 3 | Thermaltake Chaser ATX Case | Acer 27" LCD/LED IPS G-Sync 144Hz 3K Display | Saitek X-56 HOTAS FCS | G502 Gaming Mouse | Z-5500 THX 5.1 Sound System


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          You should be able to get the F4-3200C14D-16GFX at any decent hardware store / online shop.
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