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2800mhz OC NB to match 1866mhz RAM OC (F3-1866C8D-16GTX + FX9590)

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  • 2800mhz OC NB to match 1866mhz RAM OC (F3-1866C8D-16GTX + FX9590)

    trying to get 2800mhz stable NB with 1866mhz Ram
    2600mhz was even unstable with 1.4v NB. I can get 2600mhz to post with 1.2v NB but i have to raise NB core to 1.1625v or crash on window splash screen

    Current setup Win7Prox64:
    4.72ghz 8Core, 200.9BUS, 2611mhz HT link
    Gigabyte FX990-Gaming+GTX1080 OC 2100mhz
    9590 stock settings but strangely runs at 200.9 mhz in auto instead of 200, not sure if my 8350 did this
    2600mhz CPU-NB 1.25v - NB core 1.625v
    1866mhz 8-9-9-24 2t 1.6v 8gbx2 DualRank RAM posts and the RAM runs fine at all speeds, i am using XMP
    HT link is auto(2600mhz) im cool with that.
    H115i cooling
    G. skill turbulence 2
    EVGA G3, low noise and ripple 1000w
    Pure Sine Wave AVR & UPS for clean power, brown outs cause crashes and can damage chips

    Problem is 2800mhz, I am seeing best posts with 1.3-1.4v on the NB but i needed to boost NB core to 1.15 to get to desktop and 1.16 to be stable in games. what are safe NB core volts?
    I got this info for volts and speeds from AMD tuning guide, says safe NB volts are up to 1.55v but some head room for better cooling, no mention of NB Core though

    CPU NB Voltage 1.35v-1.45v(air cool) 1.4v-1.65v(*extreme)
    CPU NB Clock 2500-2700mhz(air cooled) 3700-4200mhz(*extreme)
    *For CPU NB volts I think 1.65v(extreme) is for LN2 and 1.55v is max for Water cool, while 1.45v is highest for air cooled

    Any ideas on how to get 2800mhz on FX AMD to match a 1866mhz RAM overclock, whats voltages are you guys getting on your CPU-NB and NB core @2800mhz. NB core i believe is the north bridge chip itself
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    Got NB to Post and Boot @2800mhz but isn't stable

    NB core seems to be in the CPU chip side while NB volt is bios is the northbridge itself on MB

    still, i am gonna leave at a mild overclock of 2400mhz since FX series doesn't go thru NB for RAM and i don't want any data corruption from an unstable NB overclock


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      You don't need to OC NB for DDR3-1866 on FX CPU.

      Leave it at 2400 or 2600 and it will be great.

      NB Core Voltage just depends if the CPU needs it. High Voltage is fine as long as it is being used.