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DDR3 overclock and stability

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  • DDR3 overclock and stability

    I've recently replaced the ram in my system and am now running 12gb triple channel 1600mhz PC3-12800 It in an old gigabyte EX58-UD5 with an overclocked (4.2) i7 920DO. Everything was stable until I updated the bios to f13 .. I couldn't work out the DVI-D and reverted back to f5 bios and configured it manually. I've managed to get the overclock back to 4.2ghz on the cpu but I can only seem to get the ram up to 1200mhz. I have set the specs manually ie. and 1.5volts, but when checking in CPU-Z it's showing but the system is stable as it is and max temperature is 70 under full load. Is it worth playing around to get the latest bios and then try and work out the DVI-D again or try and alter RAM settings to achieve the the 1600mhz?
    Oh and I forgot to mention that the cpu fan seems to be running faster than normal but I cannot seem to alter minimum speed anywhere?

    Mobo: Gigabyte EX58-UD5
    CPU: i7 920 DO at 4.2 ghz (turbo)
    Cooler: Corsair H50
    Ram: G.Skill 12gb DDR3 -1600mhz PC3-12800
    GPU: gigabyte gtx970 G1 gaming
    OS: Win 10 x64

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    9-7-7-21 is in the Memory tab of CPUz?

    Based on your CPU OC, you may need to re-adjust DRAM Frequency/ratio and such to complement.

    If you can post some pictures of BIOS we can see what's going on.