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Info overclock F3-1866C9D-8GAB

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  • Info overclock F3-1866C9D-8GAB

    Hello, I just bought 3 set of this Ares ram (24 GB in triple channel, Intel Xeon W3690 on an Asus Rampage II Gene) and I got it stable at 1866 (9-10-9-28-2T, dram 1.65v) with my cpu oc'ed to 4,50 GHz.
    No I would like to push them a little bit, and my question is: how much can I get the clock higher and what timings? Is it better to get their clock high or lower timings?

    Thank you
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    Higher frequency will need more QPI/VTT Voltage, so it depends how high you want to run it.

    Higher clock is better. Current settings are pretty good for that system.


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      My QPI/VTT voltage right now is 1.35v, I pushed it in the past to 1.40v (with other ram).
      Now I'm testing command rate to 1T, same other settings, will see if it's stable


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        Well, after a lot of overclock testing, I must say: these kit are AWESOME! I wanna just leave my experience here for anyone who maybe search on the web about their overclock ability.

        I'm running them right now @ 1949 MHz with timings 9-10-9-28-2T and 1.65v. So, higher frequency and stock timings!
        Just a note: I had to send back one of the three kits since it was newer compared to others and it had single rank DIMMs; older ones I'm running are dual ranked and it's not a good idea mixing single-dual rank DIMMs in the same channel (I was unable to find a stable overclock). But if I will find another kit which is dual ranked I will surely buy it for a 24GB config.

        Thank you G.Skill!!


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          Great to hear, thanks for keeping us posted.