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Going beyond 3200MHz

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  • Going beyond 3200MHz


    I'm using a 6950X, and am trying to go over 3400MHz with different kits at the moment. I seem to be having a lot of trouble getting it stable with any of these.

    I'm maxing my VCCSA at 1.25V, VCCIO CPU Voltage at 1.15V, DIMM voltage at 1.41V, VTTDDR voltage at .706V, Current Capability at 120%, Power @ Extreme (using ASUS X99 board)

    Is there something I am missing or not pushing high enough? Or is it hit or miss with the 5960X and 6950X to be able to get memory stable over 3200MHz? I know the stickiest post approves frequency up to 3200 on the 6950X, and 3000 on the 5960X.. so maybe this is just a case by case basis/binning issue that I can't get 4x8GB 3400-3733 working?

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    Do you have the latest BIOS/EFI?

    You should try XMP enabled, then test to see the highest frequency the system can boot up and work properly. Manual settings may work better depending on the memory kit model you have.
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      yes I have the very latest bios

      by highest voltage system can boot at which voltage are you referring to?

      I'm guessing the VCCSA?


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        Sorry, I meant frequency, DRAM Frequency. Find the highest, then you can scale up and tweak Voltages with a base point.