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128GB GSKILL DDR4-3000 with Sabertooth X99

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  • 128GB GSKILL DDR4-3000 with Sabertooth X99

    Before my attempt many people told me this is impossible. Quoting from Intel's ARK website claiming that Haswell-E series can only support up to 64GB of RAM. However there are already evidence that this can be done.

    So first here is today's focus. GSKill DDR4-3000 128GB quad channel kit specifically for X99 platform.

    Now takes out the old ADATA rams

    And put in new GSKILL rams!

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    Fitment is awesome with Noctua D15. GSKILL did a great job for the heatsink height.

    After clearing up CMOS memory. I powered on the PC. Works right off the bat! 128GB all recognized!

    It was even stable at DDR4-3200 with 100BCLK!!!!

    In the end for stability I chose to go with XMP settings.

    I am very satisfied with the result!!

    I have been using GSKILL memory for a long time. Ever since my first set of DDR2-1000. Those GSKILL DDR2 sets served me well for 8 yrs until I replaced my old QX9650 with 5820K. Over the years I only use GSKILL ram for my laptop and HTPC. As a matter of fact this ADATA DDR4 set was the first time ever I didn't use GSKILL product. Needless to say GSKILL is top notch comparing with other brands.


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      Brilliant work mate. That is a great price at newegg as well. From a quick search at this time it seems to be cheaper to get 1 pack of 128gb than 2 packs of 64gb! Pity it's out of stock.

      At 3200 I wonder how much OC you can get out of the CPU though. Very interesting!


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