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Black & Gold X99 build

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  • Black & Gold X99 build


    New to this forum (technical issue) but thought I should post some pics by way of an introduction, so here they are.

    Let me know what you think! And yes, I'm a terrible photographer!


    top tubing

    custom vinyl work (took hours)

    custom gpu cover

    custom panel to hide drive bay cables (also took hours)

    needs more lighting...

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    Fancy! Very unique I like it.

    What do you currently have in there, and specs, OC?
    Are you an overclocker? Have screen shots of your OC results? Please post and share your OC experience!

    The new G.Skill Overclocking Section!


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      Glad you like it!


      Core i7 5930k - Currently at stock, but OC's easily past 4GHz
      ASUS X99 Sabertooth
      ASUS GTX980TI Poseidon (watercooled)
      G.Skill 4x8GB XMP-3200 kit
      Seasonic Platinum 1000w Modular PSU
      Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB OS Drive
      Sandisk Ultra II 960GB (mostly Steam)
      Phanteks Enthoo Primo
      Slimline Blu-Ray
      IcyDock hot swap bays
      Braided cables throughout

      EKWB Supremacy-EVO with indigo extreme
      Alphacool 280 Monsta Rad (lower) 4 140mm fans Push-pull on 1st Phanteks PWM controller
      Alphacool 320 x40 Rad (upper) 6 140mm fans Push-pull on 2nd Phanteks PWM controller
      XSPC PWM Pump
      Monsoon Series 2 reservoir with some parts swapped
      XSPC themometers + monsoon radiator thermal sensor inserts
      Monsoon Hardline Fittings (black/gold)
      Hardline PETG tubing
      Alphacool fittings for draining and refilling
      2 front panel 140mm fans (all phanteks 140SPs)
      Mayhems Clear Coolant + kill coils

      + a PC speaker salvaged from a Pentium II

      Here's the front, with the slimline bluray and hot swap ways

      And it drives this pretty well (DCS 3 screen setup)
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