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Black & Gold X99 build

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  • Black & Gold X99 build


    New to this forum (technical issue) but thought I should post some pics by way of an introduction, so here they are.

    Let me know what you think! And yes, I'm a terrible photographer!


    top tubing

    custom vinyl work (took hours)

    custom gpu cover

    custom panel to hide drive bay cables (also took hours)

    needs more lighting...

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    Fancy! Very unique I like it.

    What do you currently have in there, and specs, OC?


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      Glad you like it!


      Core i7 5930k - Currently at stock, but OC's easily past 4GHz
      ASUS X99 Sabertooth
      ASUS GTX980TI Poseidon (watercooled)
      G.Skill 4x8GB XMP-3200 kit
      Seasonic Platinum 1000w Modular PSU
      Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB OS Drive
      Sandisk Ultra II 960GB (mostly Steam)
      Phanteks Enthoo Primo
      Slimline Blu-Ray
      IcyDock hot swap bays
      Braided cables throughout

      EKWB Supremacy-EVO with indigo extreme
      Alphacool 280 Monsta Rad (lower) 4 140mm fans Push-pull on 1st Phanteks PWM controller
      Alphacool 320 x40 Rad (upper) 6 140mm fans Push-pull on 2nd Phanteks PWM controller
      XSPC PWM Pump
      Monsoon Series 2 reservoir with some parts swapped
      XSPC themometers + monsoon radiator thermal sensor inserts
      Monsoon Hardline Fittings (black/gold)
      Hardline PETG tubing
      Alphacool fittings for draining and refilling
      2 front panel 140mm fans (all phanteks 140SPs)
      Mayhems Clear Coolant + kill coils

      + a PC speaker salvaged from a Pentium II

      Here's the front, with the slimline bluray and hot swap ways

      And it drives this pretty well (DCS 3 screen setup)
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