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    Not sure where to post this. They seem to think memory speed etc. has a good effect on fps in game possibly? Anyone have any experience with this? This is what they said, in their $2000 build article

    "We aren't aware of an artificial frame rate limit in DiRT 3, so we're more likely to attribute similar performance to a platform-oriented bottleneck. This time, we're thinking it's memory speed, though. After first recording 170 FPS at several resolutions, we enabled the memory kit's XMP profile and watched the frame rate jump to 190 FPS."

    So I am curious, what is the relationship between RAM and the GPU (or GPU's in this case)

    And do you think a craptastic single GPU would benefit from this in terms of FPS or is do you guys think this only applies to bf3?

    Link to article.,3363-10.html

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    Increasing throughput and improving latency can unleash any bottleneck the system may have had. By doing so, it can slightly improve GPU performance such as FPS. Of course depending on how memory intensive your game is, improving RAM latency and bandwidth alone can benefit gaming experience.

    Thank you
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      Thanks for the response!
      I was just curious, been having issues specifically with battlefield 3. The issue itself is with bf3 though, after some more research. Memory leak somewhere. I'm beginning to think everything in game such as battlereports etc. is being dumped (or placed, not sure of terms here) onto my RAM. Was hoping there was a "cheap" solution to add to the lifespan of my gpu.