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RAM Error solved by switching slots

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  • RAM Error solved by switching slots

    Ryzen+ with 3200 (F4-3200C14D-32GVK).

    I run memtest (bootable version) and see an error, switch slots (1 & 2) and the error moves, switch slots again (2 & 3) and the error stops.

    My system seems stable (using SAFE settings from Ryzen DRAW Calc).

    But am concerned that one of my ram stcks is bad, or going bad. Or, am I being paranoid? I have setup a RMA, but don't want to be down for a week (or two) while the memory is being shipped out and back.

    Should I just live with this, it is working fine now, or replace the "bad" ram?

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    You're backed by lifetime warranty so no rush. if problem becomes much worse, send them in for RMA