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  • Some general questions

    Hi all
    wonder if you could help clear some stuff up for me:

    1. I need to rma my ram. but i can't seem to find out where i would need to ship the ram without first filling out the rma form. i am based in the uk but if i'd need to ship it to the US, it might work out cheaper for me to send it over with a friend.

    2. since it was part of a dual kit, should i send in both sticks or just the one that is malfunctioning?

    3. a bit unrelated but can i mix and match ripjaws iv and v series ram for a quad channel configuration? specifically this and this. the manual says they "need to have the same chip" but i'm not sure if that is true here.

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. Email the RMA dept. to see where the nearest location is for your country:

    2. Ideally you want to send both so you can receive a new matching kit back.

    3. It is not advised to mix match separate kits, even of the same exact model number.
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