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Dead/Dying Phoenix FTL SSDs

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  • Dead/Dying Phoenix FTL SSDs

    My first gaming rig runs of a trash 400gb Seagate drive, along with a Phoenix FTL SSD. It had been crashing repeatedly, and ten months into using my build, it died entirely. I RMA'd it, and I got another that I've been using since. But a week into using it, I am having the same reliability issues. I am wondering if I can get some sort of refund? I have all my product info readily available.

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    How do you have the SSD configured? What OS are you using? What type of reliability issues?


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      It's in AHCI mode, as recommended. I was running Linux distros and had just switched to Windows 7 Ultimate when the first died. I am running that again now. Every couple days or so, the drive disconnects itself and goes offline until the next full power cycle. I can't just reboot, I have to fully turn the computer off and on again. Also, after it crashes the first time, it messes up the bootloader or something, so unless I manually tell the motherboard to boot through it, it tries to boot my secondary drive. The failures got more and more frequent with the last drive, to the point where I couldn't even get it to run forty eight hours straight.


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        Can I get some sort of reponse?

        I only have about 6-8 months left, so something on this would be appreciated. It did the crashy thing again today.


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          Did you back up your files?

          You may need to refresh the drive to see if it can work better, if not, feel free to send it in for RMA exchange to see if a replacement works better:

          Thank you


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            I already have RMA'd the first one, and since the second one has the same issues, I am wondering if I can get a refund or something instead. I don't want to keep getting replacements if every ten months they drop like flies only to have to be remailed again. Also, files remain intact until the final death in about a year, but the drive goes offline, as I previously mentioned.


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              Unfortunately, we can not provide a refund. The SSD should work properly with Win 7 under AHCI mode so it is extremely odd you had the same issue twice. Sorry for the inconvenience, send it in and a new one should work much better.


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                Ah. Bummer. I guess I'll just wait for this one to die and hope the next lasts longer. It has been slightly more stable lately, but the exact same thing happened with the last one, a period of it running beautifully until it entered a death spiral, dragging my data with it. Thanks for the help, anyway.