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Help me to upgrading new ram

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  • Help me to upgrading new ram

    Dear team,
    my processor is A10-6800k mobo is A88-XMA and my ram isG.skill F3-17000CL11D-8GBXL 2x4GB(2133mhz)DDR3

    1. my ram speed is 2133 but it took default by 1600 how to change that? is it possible to my mobo and ram kit? help me

    2. i m going to upgrade my ram i m planning to buy model G.skill F3-2133C11D-16GXL(2x8GB 2133mhz) so this model ram is ok?? as well this co-ordinate with 2x4GBkit??? or it will face any problem
    if it is suggest me any other model please help me

    Happy to use G.skill ram

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    1. Enable XMP/DOCP, or manually input settings for the RAM. In addition, you may need to boost CPU-NB Voltage to give the CPU memory controller more Voltage to stabilize DDR3-2133.

    2. We can not guarantee separate kits to work together. Most likely will face a problem, so it is best to use a single kit of RAM in each system.