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Windows 8.1 resource monitor faults

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  • Windows 8.1 resource monitor faults

    I am posting because I am confused about some results when I went and looked at the "resource monitor" through windows on windows 8.1 . I am referring to the tab specifically of "overview" when looking at the resource monitor and noticed it is showing "hard faults" under the memory. What is this exactly...? I ask because I have put my pc through prime 95 tests, memtest and also the built in windows memory diagnostics and it has found no errors. Yet when launching an application or doing anything I get slight spikes in it. However such as booting up steam, I will get a few hundred.

    -My SSD has been tested and is error free
    -Memory is tested via memtest and windows built in memory diagnostics

    I have 8 GB of 1866mhz Ripjaw ram model F34-143900CL9D-8GBXL running on a ASrock Z77 Extreme4 board. Normally I have 6 GB free with windows and tasks running, so I don't know if I trust the windows "hard fault" monitor for the memory. Please Tradesman or anyone comment. My pc runs stable, overclocks well (though I keep the memory non-overclocked) and games run great. I just hate the idea of an underlying issue that results in a performance impact that I have not noticed.

    Thank you!


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    Is this the truth?

    A hard fault is not a memory error and has nothing to do with the stability of your memory.

    What this means is, a program has asked for an address and the page it resides on is no longer located in main memory as it has either been swapped to disk or has to be referenced from the original source file on disk somewhere.

    This metric can be used to find performance problems. The less hard faults an application generates, the more often the information it is requesting is found in RAM and the less often it needs to access slower storage mechanisms.

    I CAME ACROSS THIS, is this true? changed my perception on what they mean, seems nothing like I thought


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      Here is a good read too

      Thank you