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  1. Ripjaws mx780
  2. lighting effect
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  5. MX780 Sniper forgets DPI
  6. About profiles
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  8. Change profiles
  9. Helo ???
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  11. Mouse Lighting Profiles
  12. Trouble with the software
  13. Cursor scrolling down on it's own.
  14. Device Manager Question
  15. Ripjaws MX780 config software breaks if you change from default windows theme
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  18. GSkill Logo shows wrong colour at first
  19. Can't open driver interface.
  20. Led error or bug?
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  22. Led's reset to red after software restart...
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  24. Middle Mouse button actuation point/defective?
  25. MX780 Sensetivity Issue
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  27. G.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 Gaming Mouse macro repeat options.
  28. Macro software is bad
  29. APP.exe needs an entire re-write due several critical problems!
  30. MX780 disassemble
  31. Macro issues